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8 Creative Ideas for Awards for Your Sports League

Here at Woltman Trophies and Awards, we specialize in delivering unique awards to customers of all kinds. Whether you’re running a company and trying to boost morale, or you have an academic competition that’s really going to fire up your students, we can help. Of course recreational sports leagues also depend on our expertise. With our help, you can reward your players with a trophy or plaque that they won’t soon forget. They’ll notice that their hard work has paid off and they’ll make sure that they work just as hard next year.

Most Valuable Player

For the player who scores the most points, is ready with an assist, or just helps keep your team together, a Most Valuable Player award can highlight just how important they are to the team. We have a variety of custom trophy options available, but for this particular player we think that a crystal award might be perfect. We can customize a clear crystal diamond or circular trophy to give your Most Valuable Player a stunning award that he or she won’t soon forget.

Most Improved Player

A custom plaque could be a great way to commemorate your most improved player. This is someone who focused on their weaknesses, worked hard, and contributed ever more than you thought possible. A customized plaque, available in a variety of sizes and finishes from our company, is one of those sports trophies that could further motivate your most improved player every day.

Coach of the Year

The coaches in your recreational sports league are the glue holding it together. Recognize a great coach with one of our small, customized glass awards. We have options ranging from compact paperweights to premium jade glass. Whether it’s recognition for a long career, leading in wins, or charitable efforts, a great coach deserves a great award.

Team of the Year

This award can go to the top team in your league. Because you’re awarding many more people, we think that our affordable crystal trophies can be a great option here. They’re easy to customize and they won’t break the bank, even if you’re picking them out for an entire soccer team.

Rookie of the Year

If a new player has arrived this year and really impressed, you’ll want to be sure that he or she gets the recognition they deserve. We think that a simple, elegant crystal trophy is a great option, but that’s not all that we offer. Our acrylic awards are also extremely stylish and offer many customization options.

Sportsman of the Year

You can commemorate the Sportsman of the Year with one of our trophies as well. Actually, a custom engraving on a smaller object, like a pen set, could also be a great option for this person. Show that you recognize their sportsmanship with a custom reward they won’t soon forget.

Championship Trophy

For the winners of the big game, you want trophies that stand out. We’d suggest a stylish crystal award or a beautiful pack for the team that goes all the way.

Charity Award

Teams and individual players that also focus on charitable efforts outside the game should also receive recognition. An object with a custom engraving or a unique glass sculpture can show your appreciation. No matter which kind of trophy you choose, the experts at Woltman Trophies and Awards can help.