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Remote Employee Engagement Tips

Remote work is no longer a trendy job perk designed to attract and retain top talent. While remote working can shorten communities, increase flexibility for your team, and boost work-life balance, there are also some disadvantages. Organizations that are new to this way of working can find that employees are struggling to adjust to a […]

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The Benefits of Employee Recognition

The simple truth is that employees who are engaged and feel valued will be more productive, as well as stay longer with the organization that recognizes their work. So where does this recognition start and what does it look like? Yearly dinners or holiday parties are a great start, but recognition needs to happen regularly […]

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What Material Should My Awards Be Made Of?

When purchasing an award or trophy for a sporting, professional, or academic achievement, the award’s material is something that should be taken into consideration. The last thing you want to do is to undermine somebody’s achievement by giving them a trophy that feels like it was made out of a cheap material. Just like you […]

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Why You Should Personalize Your Awards

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes with receiving a trophy or an award with your name engraved on it. Here at Woltman Trophies, our trophy creators make it easier than ever to engrave anything you like onto a high-quality trophy. Whether you’re looking for a personalized trophy to recognize a high-performing employee, a kids’ […]

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Are Physical Awards Important?

For a long time, bosses and coaches gave out physical awards to employees or players who have excelled. In the digital age, however, some might think that there’s no real need to give out actual awards anymore. At Woltman Trophies, we disagree with that notion. There are many reasons to still give out a physical […]

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5 Creative Employee Recognition Ideas

When you’re working, you want to know that your efforts are appreciated. If you’re running a company, there are a multitude of ways to show that someone’s hard work has been noticed. At Woltman Trophies, we think that an employee that is recognized and singled out for what they bring to the company is going […]

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How Can I Create a Custom Trophy Design?

If you’re giving out an award, you want it to stand out. At Woltman Trophies we work with a wide range of materials and make it easy to build custom trophies that you’ll love. Whether you’re coaching a soccer team or trying to boost employee morale, we have the trophy making skills that you require. […]

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Why Employee Morale is So Important

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that giving out trophies and corporate awards can be a great way to recognize players or workers for the work that they’ve done. In particular, workers who are rewarded for meeting their goals and making a difference at their company are going to be more likely to continue working […]

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How 3D Printing Is Changing the Trophy Business

Woltman Trophies specializes in the design and manufacture of custom trophies for all sorts of occasions. Whether you’re coaching a sports team or trying to keep your employees motivated, our trophies and plaques can help. We work with a wide range of materials and can leave custom engravings, so there’s always an option that suits […]

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Guide to Colors for First, Second, and Third Place

When you’re looking for trophies and awards that celebrate a job well done, there are some traditional rules to follow. Typically, awards for different places tend to come in different colors. Here at Woltman Trophies, we’ll help you find the custom trophies you need, but we do more than that. We’ll also help you if […]

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