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Golf Tournaments

Creative Trophy Ideas for Golf Tournaments

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that few things are more exciting than a good, old-fashioned golf tournament. Everyone gets to show off their talents, and once they do it’s time for you to give out some awards. You don’t just need to stick to the standards though. It’s not too hard to come up with some custom trophies that really highlight the talents of individual players or ones that make the tournament even more fun for everyone.

Top Player

If a team wins, of course they should get a trophy. But top players should be honored with sports trophies of their own too. Whether you want to award the player who pushed the winning team or also acknowledge the talent of certain players who may not have taken the gold this time around, this could be a great way to show that individual effort also matters. It will probably push people to do even better, making a difference for their team and making your tournament even more exciting year after year.

Most Improved

Not all of us are golf phenoms. It takes a lot of practice to become great at any sport, golf included, so why not recognize players who have gone the extra mile? People who have greatly improved their golf game since the last tournament should qualify for trophies of their own. This is a great way to motivate players to keep practicing and improving. You won’t get to the top right away, but you can keep on getting better.

Joke Awards

Awarding golf trophies for the best performance is well and good, but there’s no reason that you can’t have some fun with your awards ceremony. Plenty of “joke” awards can liven up the event and make things more fun for everyone, even the players who didn’t win. Give out funny trophies for “achievements” like spending the most time in sand traps or losing some golf balls to a water hazard. Perhaps a “Landscaper’s Nightmare” trophy for that player who always seems to make a big divot or two. Have fun with it and make sure that every player feels like a part of your next awards ceremony.

Special Achievements

Instead of just awarding trophies for the best score or team performance, you can also use our custom trophies to highlight some more unique achievements. Maybe a player got a hole in one, or just a shot that came closer to the pin than any other player. Either way, giving out a special award for this pinpoint accuracy isn’t a bad idea. You could also recognize a player who didn’t lose their cool and skillfully played their way out of a run of bad luck. The ability to make tricky shots or come from behind for a surprise win on a hole or in the tournament as a whole could also be deserving of a trophy. Of course, you could also recognize a feat of strength like the game’s longest drive. Golf is a complex game, so why make the trophies you give out so simple and cookie-cutter?