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Custom Wall-Mounted Plaque

Custom Awards Guide: Types and Ideas

When you buy custom awards or trophies, you’re looking for more than a piece of plastic, metal, or glass. You want to make your “thank you” or “well done” stand the test of time, so your recipient always remembers how proud you are of their accomplishments.

We also know that an award that misses your deadline or has a misspelling can be catastrophic. We are constantly refining our systems and processes to ensure our awards arrive on time and are correct every time.

Are you letting your employees know how grateful you are for their service? Are you handing out awards for a sporting event? Or are you honoring someone at a retirement ceremony? Woltman Trophies & Awards will help you do it in style.

We have so many options available that deciding what type of award or trophy you should order can be overwhelming. Our team has a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Retirement or Years of Service

A corporation or non-profit, large business or small, celebrating years of service is a meaningful way to recognize someone’s consistently hard work. Whether it’s a fifth anniversary or a well-deserved retirement after 50 years, custom plaques, awards, and trophies are an excellent way to display recognition of service.

Sports Trophies and Gaming Awards

While there is an element of competition in gaming and sports, it’s also important to recognize those team members working hard to develop their skills. With personal best awards, you can acknowledge this work and the individual growth team members make. It also encourages players to keep going after their goals and establish new ones.

Custom Crystal Award

Charity Awards

Have a charity gala coming up? What about a nonprofit fundraiser? Custom awards are perfect for these types of events. Philanthropic and charitable efforts need to be widely acknowledged and recognized. Even volunteers who go above and beyond will feel visible working on a mission shared by the entire nonprofit organization when they receive an award.

Awards by Industry

  • Healthcare: Now more than ever, healthcare workers and the teams that support them need a reminder that their work is valued. Show them you care with a custom award or trophy.
  • Real Estate: There are so many opportunities for awards and trophies in real estate — whether you’re a head broker hitting a sales goal or a new agent closing your first deal.
  • Education: If it were up to us, every teacher would get an award! Keep morale high and let teachers know how much you appreciate what they do with a custom award.
Custom Glass Award

What Material Should My Custom Awards Be Made Of?

Crystal awards are some of the most sought-after awards on the market. Our customers love this material because it displays beautiful clarity, and its heavier mass makes a great impression on the recipient. By makeup, crystal awards are composed of sand, sodium carbonate, limestone, and other additives. Crystal trophies are heavy but fragile, so make sure you are careful when handling them.

The wide range of customization options for acrylic awards makes them perfect for various occasions, including graduations, professional achievements, and sporting achievements. You’ll find different customization options with acrylic awards: wall-mounted plaques, diamonds, obelisks, piano finishes, and modern and classic styles.

Like crystal awards, glass awards and trophies are composed of sand, sodium carbonate, and other additives. However, glass contains little to no traces of lead, which leads to differences in how the trophy refracts light and in weight (glass is lighter). Compared to acrylic trophies, glass awards and trophies are much more scratch-resistant and substantial.