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Employee Engagement and Business Success

Simply put, every leader wants to lead a team of engaged employees. These employees are happy to show up every workday and commit their time and resources to help a business grow. The biggest challenge now more than ever is understanding why employee engagement and recognition strategies are directly tied to business success and how to implement these strategies.

Think of the Team

Sure, employee engagement and recognition programs benefit the individual employee, but it also works to motivate the entire team. It’s basic workplace psychology: When one person performs at a higher level, others follow suit – and imagine a whole team of high performers working towards a common goal of growing the business. Simply put, individual employee engagement leads to whole team engagement.

Keep Them Sticking Around

When employees love their job, they stay put. During a time when it’s becoming critical to maintain the staff you already have, engagement and recognition are a manager’s superpower. It’s hard for the team to stay productive when there’s a revolving door of employees constantly shuffling through. Additionally, the longer employees stay, the more experience within the company they’ll gain and the better chance of internal promotion.

Fight Off Absenteeism and Stress

Employees engaged in the workplace will want to show up for work consistently instead of feeling drained and disconnected. They’ll also be able to better weather periods of work-related stress knowing that their team members and managers support them. This bleeds into employees’ ability to find work-life balance, which helps create a harmonious cycle that benefits everyone and the business itself.

Try Corporate Awards

One way to keep employees engaged is by giving out company awards. You can ensure that your best employees stick around for the long haul by recognizing talent. Everybody wants to have their hard work recognized. By giving out corporate awards occasionally, you can ensure that your workers feel appreciated. Employees that know that their hard work has paid off are far more likely to stick around.

Employee Recognition Ideas

Participating in employee recognition programs shouldn’t be another task to add to employees’ to-do lists. It should be gamified to make things fun and fair for everyone to join in and get rewarded. Send internal education to update and educate everyone about the program’s rules; it will improve the odds they’ll buy-in. Additionally, you can keep things fresh by offering these out-of-the-box ideas: 

Food: Team lunches, coffee deliveries, and even cake to celebrate is a tried-and-true way to express gratitude for a job well done

Parking: Who doesn’t love a spot steps from the front door that proudly displays an “Employee of the Month” sign?

Time off: An extra day off here and there can not only help work-life balance, but it’s also a valuable reward for all employees.

Custom awards: This can be as formal (or informal) as you choose, down to something as fun as an award for who has the best Zoom background.

Emails: A quick email from “the boss” with a note of appreciation can mean a lot to the team member who has completed a project or closed a sales deal.

Charitable donations: Donate to an employee’s favorite cause in their name to mark the occasion of their achievements.

Virtual happy hour: Schedule time for an online celebration after work hours to increase socialization and visibility when teams are working remotely

Shoutouts: Share recognition on business social media accounts along with a picture of the stellar employee and information about their work.

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