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How Corporate Awards Can Improve Employee Retention

If you’ve got great employees, you want to do everything you can to keep them. They’ve helped your company grow, and you want them to continue to use their unique skills to make sure that your company continues to improve. So how do you go about retaining them?

One way you can do that is with corporate awards. By recognizing talent, you can ensure that your best employees stick around for the long haul. Everybody wants to have their hard work recognized. By giving out corporate awards occasionally, you can ensure that your workers feel appreciated. Employees that know that their hard work have paid off are far more likely to stick around. Here’s a look at how corporate awards could help improve employee retention.

Recognize Unique Talents

Because our awards here at Woltman Trophies are so customizable, it’s easy to find one that recognizes the unique talents of each member of your team. Highlighting exactly what an employee brings to the table encourages them and lets them know that their bosses are paying attention. Make it about the things they can do that other people can’t. An employee that feels valued for their singular contributions to each project is going to stick around, which means that your workplace will continue running smoothly with their assistance.

Encourage Friendly Competition

Corporate awards can also encourage friendly competition between workers. By setting ambitious sales targets or other goals, you can push your employees to do even better. Friendly competition won’t just boost the bottom line. It can also bring team members closer together. Some rivalry among some workers can improve motivation and productivity, while giving your employees higher and higher targets to reach for. A team member that feels like their continued commitment to do even better is appreciated will want to stick around. Getting an award after all of their hard work shows them that you notice their efforts.

Spotlight Teamwork

Custom corporate awards that highlight teamwork can also be a great idea. You’re not just recognizing the skills of one person. You’re shining a spotlight on the unique contributions of multiple people who work well together. This makes each employee realize how important they are to your team as a whole, which can encourage them to stay in their position. When a worker knows that they’re a significant part of something bigger, they won’t want to move on to somewhere else where they’re not as familiar with their coworkers and where their talents may not be recognized.

Give Credit For Longevity

You want your employees to stick around, so make sure that the ones that do are rewarded. This shows them that their continued contributions are valued and shows other, newer employees that they are a part of an organization that recognizes continued success. Giving employees a custom plaque or some other type of corporate award for big work anniversaries can boost morale and let them know that they have really made a difference at your company. Of course, adding in some other gifts like a gift card for a local restaurant can also help sweeten the deal. Other employees will notice how much you value a worker that sticks around and contributes.