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How To Measure Growth From Awards Year Over Year

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that many offices give out awards to their most productive employees. Custom trophies and awards can be a great way to keep workers motivated. They can also serve as a great way to measure growth year over year.

There are many ways to highlight improvement or growth during your awards ceremony every year. Whether you’re recognizing your top seller, your most improved worker, or a big work anniversary, your custom awards can show just how much your company is growing thanks to the hard work of everyone at the office. Here’s a look at some ways to keep your employees motivated and show just how much they’ve grown this year.

Keep Track of Sales

Don’t just award the person in your office who has the top sales. Keep track of your top sales year in and year out. With our custom trophies, it’s easy to engrave some sales numbers as well as a name. This can serve a few different purposes. If one employee wins one year and then improves on his or her numbers the next year, that’s useful information to track. If multiple employees trade off and keep winning this award in different years, they can see what kind of sales numbers they need to beat.

In addition to helping you track your company’s growth, this small addition to a custom award or trophies can help motivate your most capable employees even more. They’ll have a new target to hit and your company will keep on growing.

Highlight Improvement

One of the best ways to track the growth of your company is by tracking the growth of your employees as individuals. That’s why rewards for improvement can be so useful. You won’t just motivate specific employees to reach new heights. It can also help you learn how certain departments are performing and give you a better idea of your company’s growth as a whole.

Congratulate Workers on Big Anniversaries

You appreciate your employees and their years of service. So make sure that you reward workers who have hung in there for five, ten, twenty, or more years. Highlight what they’ve done well and show them how dramatically they’ve improved during their tenure.

This doesn’t just make an employee feel good and encouraged to stick around for even longer. It also helps you measure your company’s growth. You’ll see just how many years of experience your employees bring to the table, which means that you’ll realize just how much your company has grown over time. Soon enough, you’ll be measuring the total experience of your work force in centuries, not decades. As an added bonus, you’ll have experienced workers to lean on when you need new ideas or problem solving experience.

Reward Teamwork

We also suggest giving out awards that do more than recognize individual employees. Highlighting teamwork can be a great way to foster cooperation and show how the individual workers within your company have become more effective at their jobs. When you see what two or more of them can do together, it will show how your team has grown.