What Makes Woltman Different

Here at Woltman Trophies we have over 6000 different awards that we can customize for you. We have local customers, and we have customers around the world.A lot of people think of awards as just some piece of glass, or just trophy, which that's not necessarily the case. There's a lot of time, and effort that went into being able to achieve that award whether it be a sales award, or a service award lots of time had gone into that. People are really excited to receive them, so if there's a point where the name is spelled wrong, or there's a scratch, and something doesn't look right whenever they get that award they're not going to be remembering the time whenever they were on the podium receiving it, they're going to be up there, and they're going to look at that award and think, "Wow, that's scratched," or, "My name was wrong," that's not the experience that you should be having whenever you receive an award. You should be able to go up there and say, "Wow, I worked so hard for this, what a great achievement, and this helps me think about it every day." A lot of what we do at Woltman Trophies is help people recognize others, it's very important to be able to do that. We're able to create something for anybody who wants to just be able to show them, hey, you did a great job. Hey, we're looking at you and we appreciate everything that you do. We're able to personalize for them, which just makes it even more special whether it be trophies, glass pieces, even just name badges, anything under the sun we're able to do to just help people recognize others.We try to give you a white glove service. Tell us what you're looking for, and we try to give you an idea, help you create new ideas, and from there we'll take it. We'll set everything up for you, we'll make sure everything is spelled right, you'll get to see some sort of virtual proofs, and letting you know hey, this is what it's going to look like, and whenever you get it in your hands that's what it'll be.We're centrally located here in Missouri, so getting it anywhere across the United States is very easy, somewhere usually within a three and four ship they. We try not to be just a trophy shop for our customers, we try to be a solution. We want them to be able to feel comfortable with it whatever they put in our hands we will make it happen for them. Customers could come in here, or they could contact us over the web, and they know that once they submit we'll take it from there, and they can have that peace of mind knowing that whatever they've ordered will be there on time, it'll be correct because of all the checks and balances that we have.