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Why You Should Personalize Your Awards

There’s nothing like the feeling that comes with receiving a trophy or an award with your name engraved on it. Here at Woltman Trophies, our trophy creators make it easier than ever to engrave anything you like onto a high-quality trophy. Whether you’re looking for a personalized trophy to recognize a high-performing employee, a kids’ soccer team, or something else, you can be assured that it will mean a lot more to the recipient when it is personally engraved.

Our team has decades of experience making awards and trophies, and we understand the importance of personalization. Here are a few of the reasons why awards should be personalized.

#1 Personalization Makes an Award More Meaningful

Let’s start by comparing two different trophies. The first one is a generic trophy that looks like it could have been purchased at any run of the mill gift shop. The second is a personalized and engraved trophy that contains the recipient’s name and title. Which one would be more satisfying to receive? Of course, engraving a trophy costs a bit more than not engraving, but at the end of the day, if you want your trophy to feel like something special to the recipient, custom engraving is the only way to go.

#2 The Affordability of Custom Engraving

While custom engraving a trophy may sound expensive, here at Woltman Trophies, we make this service affordable and accessible for every budget. Our team understands that when you are hosting an event where you give out awards, the costs can add up even before you add custom trophies. This is why we work with each of our customers on an individual level to make sure that our services are as cost-effective as possible.

#3 Our Custom Engraving Process

At Woltman Trophies, we use state-of-the-art techniques to custom engrave every trophy to make it look as special as possible. We use the latest sandblasting and laser technology to create the crispest and most beautiful results available. With our combination of history in the engraving industry and expertise with new technologies, you can be sure that your custom-engraved message will make the recipient’s eyes shine.

In addition to custom engraving trophies, we can also provide custom engraved messages on plaques, awards, buttons, coins, lapel pins, badges, and more. Our team of engraving experts has the capability of engraving into a variety of different materials, including but not limited to glass, crystal, metal, and acrylic.

#4 Ideas for Custom Engraving

Personalized custom engraving can be used in a large number of contexts. We know that it can be difficult to decide what exactly to engrave on the trophy or award, which is why Woltman Trophies offers templates for different situations, including leadership awards, service awards, athletic prizes, sales achievement awards, academic accomplishment awards, commitment to quality awards, and much more.

#5 Bridgeton, MO Custom Trophy Engraving

Since our humble beginnings in the back of a jewelry shop, Wolfman Trophies has grown into a large family-run business composed of people who grew up surrounded by trophies, awards, and happy customers. We use the newest technologies and engraving processes to ensure that everybody will be thrilled with their trophies and awards.

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