Custom Crystal Awards

Custom Crystal Awards

Crystal Diamond on Black Pedestal Base

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Custom Crystal Awards

Round Faceted Crystal on Black Glass Pedestal Base

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Make your honorees feel as special as they deserve to feel. Custom crystal awards hit all the right notes of beauty and class.

Why do people love custom crystal awards so much? For the same reason, they love how rainbows fracture the light into an array of sparkling color. The prismatic effects of crystal take ordinary white light and bend it at various angles. This creates the rainbow effect we associate with prisms. The result? A gorgeous award your recipient will want to keep for life.

Congratulate People in Crystal

Our crystal awards are elegant and high-quality, making the perfect gift. Sure, a Starbucks card is great. However, when you want to commemorate an event or accomplishment in style, you need something a little more lasting. Our awards offer the best possible base material for all your awards. Each piece of cut crystal comes laser-engraved and sand-blasted for a beautiful, detailed result.

Looking for excellent workmanship and the most knowledgeable engravers on the market? You’ve found us here at Woltman Trophies and Awards. There’s a reason we’ve been serving the awards market for almost 60 years. It’s the craft we’ve perfected over time and through working with excellent customers just like you.

Customized Crystal Award Options

As an industry leader in crystal award options, our customers say we’ve got it all. Our options are wide-ranging and customizable.  Our friendly team will work with you to get the exact result you want.

Options include:

  • Corporate Crystals
  • Sport Crystals
  • Recognition Crystals

You can personalize your choice even further by selecting the shape, color, and engraving style. If you need a different option for your different honorees, that’s okay too. Our goal, and the reason we’ve built a name for ourselves as the best on the market is to deliver you the unique, one-of-a-kind result you’ll be proud to award.

The Best Value on Crystal Awards (and More!)

Our crystal awards and trophies are the perfect corporate gift, trophy, or formal ceremonial recognition. If you’re looking for high-quality crystal that won’t break the bank, though, you have to find the right vendor. Our beautiful designs do just that. From smoky or colored optical options to the classic, sparkling, diamond-clear crystals, they are simply elegant.

Our friendly team of award and trophy experts will help you find the option that works best, not only for your event and your personal sense of style but also for your budget. There’s no reason honoring those who matter should be a source of stress. When you come to us, it isn’t. In fact, we think you’ll even enjoy the process!

Looking for custom crystal awards that will do you proud and make your honorees feel important? You’ve come to the perfect place. Woltman Trophies and Awards would be happy to hear all about your needs and tailor our options to meet them in style. Just give us a call at 314-230-9617 or connect with us online today. We’re here to help you take your trophies and awards to the next level for your valued recipients.