Custom Glass Awards

Jade Glass Paperweight Award

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4" x 3" x .5"



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Faceted Jade Glass Flame with Black Crystal Base

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Crescent Jade Glass with Beveled Edge

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4" x 6" x .25"



5" x 7" x .25"



6" x 8" x .25"



7" x 10" x .25"



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Premium Jade Glass Arrow

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Want to say “thank you” or “you rock”? Custom glass awards from one of the most experienced providers in the industry do it with class.

Looking for custom glass awards (or, it must be said, any other kind of award!)? We invite you to learn more about Woltman Trophies and Awards. Besides providing the best service, using the best-quality materials and bringing almost six decades of experience to all our offerings, we produce truly gorgeous awards, trophies, and plaques. Glass is one of the classiest options around. We provide a vast range of styles to make sure you have just the right thing for your special event.

Glass: The Classy Way to Honor Those Who Matter

When it comes to award design, there’s little that makes a better impression than glass. This time-honored material is sparkling clear, highlighting both the simple elegance of pure glass and the eye-catching beauty of etching and engraving. Our glass options are laser engraved or sandblasted to provide the crispest, clearest details and the finest result. At Woltman, you get far more than simple awards and trophies; you get true art.

No matter whom you’re trying to honor or why we can help you do the job right. From special employees to retirees, to impressive athletes, our glass trophies give them something to hold onto and commemorate their impressive skills or service. If you want to honor someone, make sure to do it in style – try glass.

Glass Awards Customized to Your Needs

We offer a huge range of customizations to deliver a product that’s just right for you.

Our options include:

  • Different colors of glass
  • Combinations of materials, including wood and marble
  • As much simplicity or detail as you desire with sandblasting and laser cutting
  • A range of shapes and sizes
  • Custom engraving to say exactly what you mean

We understand that such a range of options can prove a little overwhelming. That’s why we offer dedicated consultation to help you find the award that’s perfect for you. Let us help your events come alive with the perfect options for awards and trophies. We’ll help your noteworthy people feel just that: noteworthy.

Say It Right in Glass

It’s not always easy to say it right. At Woltman we help guide you through the process of choosing your customized message. We offer an extensive range of messages to inspire your engraving. Whether you want to reword a sentence, use as-is, or talk with us about another option, we would be glad to dedicate our time to you.

Are you ready to say just what you mean with custom glass awards? Already have your message, or need direction? Know exactly what you want it to look like, or want help deciding? Need any other assistance at all? We’re here to provide it.

Just give us a call at 314-230-9617 or email us today. It’s important your honorees remember this important day for life, and we’ll make sure it happens.