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Are Physical Awards Important?

For a long time, bosses and coaches gave out physical awards to employees or players who have excelled. In the digital age, however, some might think that there’s no real need to give out actual awards anymore. At Woltman Trophies, we disagree with that notion. There are many reasons to still give out a physical award, and we can guarantee that the recipient will appreciate it for a long time to come.

Increased Visibility

When you give out an actual award at a ceremony meant to honor your team, it increases the visibility of the employees who have done a great job. People know about their accomplishments and understand that they can be relied on. They become more visible as a valued member of the team. And all this takes is a little bit of recognition and an award.


A physical award has the benefit of being more permanent. A happy hour or employee luncheon is a great reward, but it’s fleeting. An actual plaque or custom trophy that highlights someone’s accomplishments is going to make more of an impression though. Someone can display it at their workplace or home. It can motivate them to do well enough to receive an award again. It could also encourage others to shoot for an award of their own. A physical award is simply great encouragement.

Morale Boosts

Giving out physical awards can also provide a morale boost. It’s a concrete way to show that you care about the individual contributions of each employee. It shows someone that their hard work will be recognized, and that doing more than the bare minimum can be rewarded. This will make people more likely to work hard and it will make them feel more appreciated at work.

A Ceremony Can Bring People Together

Giving out physical awards at a big ceremony can also have the benefit of bringing your workforce together. You get together and recognize everyone for their accomplishments. Everyone gets to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Choose a great venue, make sure that everyone has a good time, and recognize everyone’s individual contributions with a physical award that keeps people motivated and constantly reminds people that they’re valued.

They Offer Flexibility

A physical award offers a wide range of options. With custom engravings you can recognize someone for just about anything. Call out your top salesman, but also make sure that you reward an employee that’s improved their numbers the most. Has someone dedicated years of service to the company? A trophy that notes how many years they’ve been working hard for you can be manufactured easily. You can also order custom trophies and awards that commemorate more specific events, like a big account getting landed or a major promotion.

Your St. Louis, MO Custom Trophy and Award Manufacturer

So when you’re looking for awards that will really stand out, talk to the experts at Woltman Trophies. Whether you’re looking for a custom plaque or a beautiful crystal trophy, we can make a custom award that the recipient will treasure. We look forward to assisting you!