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Custom Wall-Mounted Plaque

Custom Awards Guide: Types and Ideas

When you buy custom awards or trophies, you’re looking for more than a piece of plastic, metal, or glass. You want to make your “thank you” or “well done” stand the test of time, so your recipient always remembers how proud you are of their accomplishments. We also know that an award that misses your […]

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Corporate Awards and Workplace Trophies: Basic FAQs

When creating custom corporate awards and trophies for the workplace or your business, we love answering questions for our clients – especially if it means they get exactly the award or trophy they’ve envisioned. However, some questions commonly come up, so we figured it would be a good idea to answer them to help you […]

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Employee Engagement and Business Success

Simply put, every leader wants to lead a team of engaged employees. These employees are happy to show up every workday and commit their time and resources to help a business grow. The biggest challenge now more than ever is understanding why employee engagement and recognition strategies are directly tied to business success and how […]

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Happy Employees in a Meeting

How Corporate Awards Can Improve Employee Retention

If you’ve got great employees, you want to do everything you can to keep them. They’ve helped your company grow, and you want them to continue to use their unique skills to make sure that your company continues to improve. So how do you go about retaining them? One way you can do that is […]

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Why Invest In Employee Recognition?

When it comes to employee recognition, yearly dinners or holiday parties are a great start, but recognition needs to happen regularly and in a visible way. It should also take many forms, from verbal shout-outs to tangibles like bonuses, prizes, or awards. This is more than offering financial incentives; it’s also about building a culture […]

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History of Football Awards

Fall means football! As we head into an exciting season of college football and NFL games, it’s fun to take a look at all the awards that will be given out over the next few months. In addition, many schools are back to their regular schedule of games, with awards ceremonies already in the planning […]

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History Of NHL Awards

We’ve wrapped up another exciting season of NHL hockey, and while our beloved Blues didn’t make it all the way, it’s definitely fun to watch the winning team celebrate. From the biggest prize — the Stanley Cup — to smaller (but equally important) player awards, here are the top NHL awards. The Stanley Cup: This […]

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History of MLB Awards

Put me in, Coach! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, and baseball season is ramping up. We thought it would be a great time to take a look at the most famous MLB awards — in case you needed some inspiration for your next award or trophy ceremony. MLB Awards […]

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Youth Sports Award Ideas

Although many youth sports activities are temporarily on hold, one day soon teams will be back to the field. Giving out awards and trophies is a great way to keep morale high and help individual team members celebrate their strengths. Try some of these youth sports award ideas for your next awards ceremony, virtual or […]

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A Guide to Virtual Awards Ceremonies

So much of our world has changed during the past several months, and business operations of all types have become virtual — and that includes award ceremonies. Organizations and teams of all sizes and across all industries are adapting to help maintain social distance while still recognizing their employees’ hard work, and that means showing […]

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