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Corporate Awards and Workplace Trophies: Basic FAQs

When creating custom corporate awards and trophies for the workplace or your business, we love answering questions for our clients – especially if it means they get exactly the award or trophy they’ve envisioned. However, some questions commonly come up, so we figured it would be a good idea to answer them to help you better understand our approach and process.

Why should I give out corporate awards and trophies in the first place?

We may be biased, but we think one of the best ways to show your employees appreciation is through corporate awards. These are a great way to mark significant work milestones or congratulate someone on a job exceptionally well done.

Giving out physical awards at a big ceremony can also have the benefit of bringing your workforce together. You get together and recognize everyone for their accomplishments. Everyone gets to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Choose a great venue, make sure everyone has a good time, and recognize everyone’s contributions with a physical award that keeps people motivated and constantly reminds them that they’re valued.

Custom corporate awards that highlight teamwork can also be a great idea. You do not just recognize the skills of one person. You’re shining a spotlight on the unique contributions of multiple people who work well together. This makes each employee realize how important they are to your team, which can encourage them to stay in their position. When workers know they’re a significant part of something bigger, they won’t want to move on to somewhere else where they’re not as familiar with their coworkers and where their talents may not be recognized.

What should my awards be made out of?

Crystal awards are some of the most sought-after awards on the market. Our customers love this material because it displays beautiful clarity, and its heavier mass makes a great impression on the recipient. When it comes to chemical makeup, crystal awards are composed of sand, sodium carbonate, limestone, and a few other additives. Crystal trophies are heavy but fragile, so make sure you are careful when handling them.

Also known as lucite, acrylic is a transparent and translucent material with a hard and smooth surface. It can be shaped into different forms, and objects can be embedded into the acrylic trophies, making them extra customizable. Our acrylic awards are shatter-resistant and offer the same beauty as crystal and glass awards without breaking the bank.

Like crystal awards, glass awards and trophies are made of sand, sodium carbonate, and other additives. However, glass contains little to no traces of lead, which leads to differences in the way that light is diffracted through the trophy and differences in weight (glass is lighter). Compared to acrylic trophies, glass awards and trophies are much more scratch-resistant and have a substantial feeling

How do I create customized trophies and awards?

We use state-of-the-art equipment to bring you the highest quality materials, the best construction, and the most precise engraving.

Our tools include:

  • Four laser engravers
  • A YAG metal marking engraver
  • The latest UV direct-to-substrate printer
  • A computer-aided mat cutter

Our process begins with a consultation to help you determine which materials, shapes, sizes, and messages suit you. Once we’ve settled on these details, we produce awards in plenty of time for your event while you sit back and relax. Need a rush? No problem, we’ll take good care of you. No matter what you need, we seek to deliver reliably, affordably, and with the best results in the industry.

Don’t deliver dull recognition and awards as they are bad for business, your career, and your company brand. We work with organizations of all kinds to create something unique that carries the meaning your people deserve. Save money and hassles while getting it right the first time — contact us today to learn more!