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History of Football Awards

Fall means football! As we head into an exciting season of college football and NFL games, it’s fun to take a look at all the awards that will be given out over the next few months. In addition, many schools are back to their regular schedule of games, with awards ceremonies already in the planning stages.

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College Football Awards

Heisman Memorial Trophy: Created in 1935 to celebrate “the most valuable college football player east of the Mississippi,” the Heisman is now awarded to the most outstanding college football player during the regular season.

Davey O’Brien Award: This trophy goes to the best quarterback of the season at a lavish awards ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas. Davey O’Brien was an outstanding college football player and Heisman winner (see below) and went on to become an FBI agent.

Maxwell Award: A panel consisting of sportswriters, sportscasters, and head coaches vote on the recipient of the Maxwell Award. This trophy goes to the best all-around college football quarterback of the season; Johnny Lattner and Tim Tebow have won it twice.

Walter Camp Award: Named after the “Father of American football,” the Walter Camp trophy goes each year to the best collegiate player overall. Here’s a fun fact: OJ Simpson won this award twice while playing football in college.

NFL Awards

Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup: This trophy is the first-ever donated to the NFL in 1920 by a corporation by the same name. The “silver loving cup” was awarded once as a traveling trophy but then mysteriously disappeared.

Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy: From 1934-1967, the league champions received this award, named after long-time league referee Ed Thorpe. The original award is currently living proudly in the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame if you’re ever in the area and want to check it out.

Vince Lombardi Trophy: Most recognizable of the NFL awards, this trophy goes to the winner of the Super Bowl each year. The original trophy was designed and produced by renowned jewelry maker Tiffany & Co. and was inscribed “World Professional Football Championship.”

NFL MVP: If you’re a team parent or coach, you already know that this award is all about — it goes to the Most Valuable Player. “The first award described as a most valuable player award was the Joe F. Carr Trophy, presented by the NFL from 1938 to 1946.”

Walter Payton Man Of The Year Award: Created in 1969, this NFL trophy was initially named “Man Of The Year Award”. When Walter Payton died in 1999, the award was renamed to honor the Bears’ player’s legacy, but the trophy was never redesigned to reflect that renaming.