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Custom Trophies

The Reasons You Should Engrave Your Custom Trophies

Here at Woltman Trophies, we make it easy to purchase any kind of award that you can think of. From trophies for your kid’s soccer team to corporate awards that recognize the hard work of your employees, we’ve got you covered. You have some decisions to make when you’re shopping around for custom trophies though, and we’re not just talking about choosing between different materials like crystal or glass. You also have to decide whether or not you want your trophies engraved.

How do you know if custom engravings are worth it? Here’s a look at some of the factors you should consider when you’re shopping around for trophies and awards.

The Cost

When you’re in the market for sports trophies or corporate awards, cost will naturally end up being a big consideration. Customizing trophies must cost a bunch of money, right? You may be thinking that a simple award without its own special touches must cost less. Getting a bunch of engraved soccer trophies could really break the bank.

Fortunately, that’s just not true here at Woltman Trophies! For many of our custom trophies and plaques, you won’t pay any extra money for an engraving or etching. That means you can deliver a custom reward to an employee or player that really shows them how much you value them, without wrecking your budget. For some materials there is a “setup fee,” but it’s always reflected in the item pricing and never a surprise cost. Plus, this fee only applies once to a group of similar items. If you’re ordering many trophies, you most likely won’t have to pay multiple setup fees.

Production and Shipping Time

In most cases, our production time is around five working days. Larger orders or customized pieces can take longer, but not by that much! We always tell our customers how long an order will take. Just give us your event date and we’ll do our best to deliver your sports trophies or awards before that date. Long story short, you don’t need to worry that a custom engraving will dramatically affect the delivery and production time for your trophies.

Our Services

Of course, you also need to know what kind of engraving services a trophy maker has to offer. Fortunately, we can create custom trophies of all kinds using a variety of materials. We’ll engrave messages on a plaque, a trophy, or even something like a badge or button. We use the latest technology to ensure a clean, attractive engraving that will make your trophy really stand out.

Naturally we can work with a wide range of materials as well. Whether you’re looking for a glass, crystal, or metal award there’s no one better to engrave it. The sheer number of our engraving options is hard to beat. We can even engrave a plaque or award that already has an engraving, keeping its look uniform through new additions in the years to come.

At Woltman Trophies, we’ll find the perfect message to show a player or employee that they are appreciated. So when you ask if you should get your custom trophy engraved, our answer is yes.