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Why Invest In Employee Recognition?

When it comes to employee recognition, yearly dinners or holiday parties are a great start, but recognition needs to happen regularly and in a visible way. It should also take many forms, from verbal shout-outs to tangibles like bonuses, prizes, or awards. This is more than offering financial incentives; it’s also about building a culture from the top down.

Recognition programs let employees know they matter, and in turn, act as a tool to keep employees invested, boost retention rates, and create more successful and optimized business workflows. The simple truth is that employees who are engaged and feel valued will be more productive and stay longer with the organization that recognizes their work. So, where does this recognition start, and what does it look like? Try these ideas:

Host a Celebratory Event: You could host many events to celebrate an employee going above and beyond. An office party complete with snacks and drinks can be a great idea if you have the space and aren’t worried about distractions.

Make Work More Flexible: One way to recognize your most competent employees is by giving them some more leeway when it comes to office hours. High-performing employees could be allowed to set their hours, within reason, as a part of their reward.

Support Their Favorite Charity: You can also show your appreciation for an employee by supporting a worthy cause. If they have a favorite charity, make a donation in that employee’s name when they’ve greatly exceeded your expectations.

Corporate Awards: We may be biased, but we think that one of the best ways to show your employees appreciation is through corporate awards. These are a great way to mark significant work milestones or congratulate someone on a job exceptionally well done.

Giving out physical awards at a big ceremony can also have the benefit of bringing your workforce together. You get together and recognize everyone for their accomplishments. Everyone gets to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Choose a great venue, make sure that everyone has a good time, and recognize everyone’s contributions with a physical award that keeps people motivated and constantly reminds people that they’re valued.

Participating in employee recognition programs shouldn’t be another task to add to employees’ to-do lists. It should be gamified to make things fun and fair for everyone to join in and get rewarded. Send internal education to update and educate everyone about the program’s rules; it will improve the odds they’ll buy-in.

Make sure that recognition programs are working by seeking regular feedback from the team. Are they having fun? Do the rewards make them feel valued and good about their contribution to the organization? Is there anything they would like to add to the program? Keep the conversation going so they’ll stay engaged. When you’re looking to support organizational changes that correlate directly with your bottom line, you can’t go wrong with employee recognition programs.

A physical award offers a wide range of options. With custom engravings, you can recognize someone for just about anything. Call out your top salesman, but also make sure that you reward an employee that’s improved their numbers the most. Has someone dedicated years of service to the company? A trophy that notes how many years they’ve worked hard for you can be manufactured easily. You can also order custom trophies and awards that commemorate more specific events, like a big account getting landed or a major promotion.

When you’re looking for awards that will stand out, talk to the experts at Woltman Trophies. Whether you’re looking for a custom plaque or a beautiful crystal trophy, we can make a custom award that the recipient will treasure. We look forward to assisting you – contact us today to get started!