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Youth Sports Award Ideas

Although many youth sports activities are temporarily on hold, one day soon teams will be back to the field. Giving out awards and trophies is a great way to keep morale high and help individual team members celebrate their strengths. Try some of these youth sports award ideas for your next awards ceremony, virtual or in-person.

Personal Best

While there is an element of competition in youth sports, it’s also important to recognize those team members who are working hard to develop their skills. With personal best awards, you can acknowledge this work and the individual growth team members are making. It’s also more encouragement for players to keep going after their goals and establish new ones.

Team Best

Think about the players who excel in either a defensive or offensive role. Those who are known for putting points on the board can get kudos for Best Offensive Player. Team members who keep the other teams from scoring can get a trophy for Best Defensive Player. For teams that have several members that play the same role, either offensively or defensively, you can celebrate all of them.

Most Improved

All players will show improvement over the course of the sports season. Instead of giving out trophies for who is the “best” on the team, award them for improvement instead. Concentrate on the specific areas that players show the most improvement, like “Most Improved 3-Pointer” or “Most Improved Catcher.”

Attitude and Effort

Along with physical skill development, youth team sports are also integral for teaching social skills and teamwork. For players who may not have developed the same physical skills as teammates, attitude and effort awards are a smart way to highlight social skill development. Team spirit is a great example of an award to give to players who put in the effort.


Youth sports awards don’t just have to be given at the end of the season. Consider designating an award to give out after each game to recognize the player (or players) who made outstanding contributions — regardless of if the team wins or loses. Keep a list going to ensure that every player eventually gets this honor. 

Team Awards

An alternative to individual awards would be giving the entire team a trophy. This helps celebrate everyone’s contributions as they work together and can level the playing field for teams who have players with a wide range of skill levels. Otherwise, members may feel left out if certain players are singled out for an award.


Aside from players, there are also several adult members on youth sports teams that help to make the season a success. Don’t forget to recognize the work of parents for their contributions; something as simple as “Best Snack” or “Loudest Cheerleader” can go a long way for parents who constantly show up and cheer on the team.


Even though coaches may be the ones in charge of giving out youth sports team awards, they also deserve a token of appreciation for guiding the team and helping them learn important skills. They put in a ton of hard work, and aside from watching their team members grow, physical awards or trophies are a reminder of why coaches do what they do.


Younger youth sports teams who just play for the fun of it may not understand MVP or Most Improved awards. Parents and coaches may also decide not to give out traditional awards to avoid hurt feelings. A great compromise is by creating funny awards; think Best Blooper or High-Five Master.

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