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5 Ways to Motivate Employees in an Early Stage Business

When you’re trying to grow and evolve your business, you need to work with the right team. Which means that you need to motivate that team and ensure that they continue to stick around to put their skills to work for you. Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that an employee that feels appreciated and noticed can be more inclined to stick around. Here’s a look at how you can motivate your workers in the early days and build a business that eclipses your biggest expectations.

Recognize Good Decision Making

If your team comes to a crossroads as they take on a tough project, one of your workers may have an idea that really helps. If an employee consistently makes good decisions, call this out. Make sure that they know that you appreciate their analytical skill and ability to adapt. This is one great way to make an employee feel valued, while showing them that the decisions they make really matter.

Reward Employees Who Perform Well

In general, it’s always a good idea to reward employees who perform well. Even if it’s not something like making a key decision or pushing through a major project, there are things that many of your workers do every day that likely warrant recognition. Whether it’s solid customer service, strong sales numbers, or a clear commitment to the company’s goals, make sure that you are showing appreciation and rewarding good behavior. Perks like extra time off, a lunch catered by a restaurant of their choice, or gift cards can show an employee that it’s worth sticking around for the long haul.

Give Out Physical Awards

On that same note, giving out corporate awards can be a great way to motivate employees in the early days. Show how their contributions are making the company even better with physical proof. You can even throw an awards show of sort in your office to make sure that everyone knows that hard work is appreciated at your company. Whether it’s a plaque or a stunning crystal award, a tangible object is something that your employees will value.

Recognize Improvement

Not every worker comes fully formed. It’s the early days of your company and you’re learning new things and improving every day. Your employees are the same way. If you see that an employee is upping their sales numbers, improving their presentations, or making other big changes that make them an even bigger value to your company, say so. Everyone likes to see that their hard work is appreciated, so highlighting where an employee has improved can go a long way towards ensuring that their efforts continue.

Offer Room for Growth and Career Advancement

In the early days of your company, it’s important to let your workers know that sticking around is a good idea. Promote from within so that your employees know that there’s room for growth and advancement. Discuss their career goals and show how they gel with what they can do at your firm. Finding quality employees isn’t always easy, so making the effort to keep them is always well worth it. Make sure that your workers can grow right alongside your company.

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