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Are Participation Trophies Necessary?

Here at Woltman Trophies, we’ve noticed that one debate has taken the trophy world by storm in recent years. Many ask if kids should receive participation trophies. Some think that it’s a good, encouraging thing to do, while others believe that it’s not good to give children a trophy just for being there. That side of the debate might argue that it’s making the current generation softer and not teaching them about the hard work it really takes to succeed.

In reality though, participation trophies can actually offer a few different psychological benefits. Those who argue that participation trophies are bad also ignore that so many adult events actually give away ribbons, medals, and custom trophies just for participating. Races from a 5K to a full marathon offer trophies to all of their participants, no matter how long it takes them to cross the finish line. So why not award the kids with participation trophies and all of the benefits they provide?

Benefits of Participation Trophies

Encourages Kids to Stay on the Team

One thing to remember about team sports is that it’s not just about the player who scores the most points. They need a team around them in order to properly utilize their talents, and just highlighting them might mean that other players don’t feel recognized for their work. There are so many things competing for a kid’s time these days. There are video games, more TV shows than ever, the Internet, and a variety of other activities they could be doing instead of playing a team sport.

By giving them a participation trophy, you’re showing that the work they put in mattered this season. They might be more inclined to stick around, getting better and collecting more sports trophies. You need to make sure that you have enough people for a well-rounded team, and participation trophies can help with that.

Acknowledges a Season Well-Played

On that same note, trophies help acknowledge a season well-played. It shows that every player gave their all and helped the team get to where they ended up at the end of the season. Custom trophies that highlight specific achievements are great for that, but participation trophies can also show kids that their efforts weren’t wasted this year. They’ll know that this is a sign that their coach appreciated their contributions.

Shows Kids that Effort Matters

Even if they don’t end up placing first in their division or winning the championship, each kid on your team hustled and put in work during each and every practice or game. Giving them sports trophies show that their efforts were not in vain. Their hard work was recognized all season long. In some studies, participation trophies even encouraged kids to put in more effort. They’re not motivation killers, as some have feared.

Makes Children Feel Like Part of a Group

Growing up can be tough, but feeling like a part of a larger group can help. Participation trophies can bond everyone on a team together and help them feel like they’re part of something bigger. Trophies may not seem like a big deal to you, but to a child it could potentially boost their confidence and help them feel a little more secure in their group.