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Communication Gap

Closing the Communication Gap Between Managers and Employees

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that communication is important in the workplace. It’s especially important to open up a dialogue between workers on different rungs of the corporate ladder. There could be a major communication gap between managers and their employees. Closing this gap can help your company do even better, while making workers feel as if they are more valued. We’re experts when it comes to corporate awards, but no one wins when your staff isn’t communicating properly. Here’s how you can start to foster more effective communication.

Identify Signs of Poor Communication

Before you fix a communication gap, you need to know that it’s there. You’ll have to look for some of the most common signs that people at various stages of your organization aren’t in sync. You may notice confusion about goals, indecisiveness, and different approaches to problem solving that just don’t gel. Any of these factors could be a sign of a communications gap that needs to be fixed if you want your company to run more smoothly.

Consider the Generation Gap

One cause of a communication gap could be a completely different type of gap. A generation gap between management and workers can cause some issues that need to be properly dealt with. An older manager may have one way of approaching a problem, while younger workers may have found a more tech-savvy way. Getting employees of all generations together and determining how they can best collaborate and solve problems can be beneficial for all. It may also be necessary to invest in more training for some workers. If they are exposed to a primer on the latest tech and ways to communicate, your office could be well on its way to bridging this gap between managers and employees.

Review Communications

If a problem or some kind of major confusion has occurred, reviewing employee communications can help determine where the issue lies. Looking at correspondence between a worker and their manager can help you spot where they are misunderstanding each other and how communication issues could be solved.

See if New Equipment Can Help

Sometimes a communication gap exists because an office’s equipment just isn’t up for handling the task at hand. Replacing old equipment and software could help foster a more effective, communicative environment. Ensuring that the internet is working effectively can also help, since so much of our communications are carried via email and chat clients these days. Some simple tech upgrades could really help close the communication gap at your business.

Encourage Face to Face Communication

That being said, make sure that you’re also encouraging face to face communications when possible. It can be more effective than an email and it shows employees that managers care about what they have to say. When an employee feels heard, they’re going to put in more effort.

Positive Reinforcement

You can also foster a better relationship between your employees and managers through positive reinforcement. Giving corporate awards as recognition for a job well done lets an employee know that a manager has been watching their work and that they appreciate what they’ve accomplished. With our custom awards, you can reward an employee for everything from top sales numbers to getting a project done on time and under budget.