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How To Create Team Bonding Through Office Awards

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know how hard you work to keep your team motivated. One way you can do that is by giving out awards for major achievements. Individual awards don’t just recognize individual employees and help them do better. Corporate awards can also be a great way to boost the entire team’s morale at once. Here’s a look at how you can get the whole team involved in the process and keep motivation high.

Offer Team Rewards as Well as Individual Ones

Handing out awards to individual team members can be a great way to keep them motivated, but don’t leave out team accomplishments. If your team is completing projects early or handling particularly complex tasks, it’s a great idea to recognize them when that happens. When an entire team knows that their work is appreciated, it boost morale and makes them more committed to working well together. When they realize that every member of the team has something to contribute or a personal expertise, they’ll respect their fellow team members even more. Knowing what role everyone plays can be a boon for any team that’s trying to work well together.

Have Employees Involved in the Award Process

On that same note, having all of your employees involved in the award process can also help your team bond, even if you’re just giving out individual corporate awards. Allow team members to create categories. You can even let them nominate other team members for some of the top honors. That shows workers that their others on their team appreciate what they do, which can help boost morale.

Of course, you can also throw a big event whenever trophies or awards are given out. Even if someone isn’t receiving an award this time around, they can still enjoy a dinner or luncheon while they applaud their team members and their efforts. You can also have an employee present the award to their fellow team member, instead of doing it yourself. It may not seem like a big deal, but having the recognition of their fellow team members can really help an employee’s morale and encourage them to do an even better job than they’re already doing. Of course, a few words of encouragement from you won’t hurt either!

Reward Ideas as Well as Goals

Hitting a new goal is nice and definitely something that’s award-worthy, but we recommend that you don’t make that your only criteria. Sometimes it’s wise to award people for their great ideas. If you just give out rewards for progress, some team members may not always get their chance to shine. Giving out an award for a great idea can help alleviate that problem.

This is a great way to encourage your team members to come up with innovative solutions and more creative ways of doing business. More people will feel included in the whole process, and when workers feel like they have more of a stake in their work they’ll do a better job. This is also a smart way to let team members who primarily operate behind the scenes receive some recognition. Contact Woltman Trophies and Awards  at (314) 230-9617 for any of your custom trophy or award needs today!