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Do Corporate Awards REALLY Improve Morale?

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that most businesses are doing their best to keep top talent around. If you want to keep your best employees, you need to make sure that they’re motivated and that morale around the office is high. But how do you keep them engaged and happy in their current positions?

Naturally, we think that corporate awards like trophies and plaques can be quite helpful. It shows an employee that they’re appreciated and that their contributions to the latest project or great fiscal year have been noted. Do corporate awards really improve morale though? There’s been some research done to show that they actually do. Here are some benefits of corporate awards and a look at how they help improve morale.

Job Satisfaction

An employee that’s recognized with trophies or corporate awards will be more likely to be satisfied at their job. You’re showing them that their hard work has been noticed. An employee that feels important and appreciated at their job is simply more likely to be satisfied with their work. This is one thing that corporate awards can definitely help with.

Encourages Extra Effort

Because their hard work is recognized, an employee that receives positive reinforcement like corporate awards is more likely to go the extra mile. Think about it. You wouldn’t put in more work in an environment that may not even notice or appreciate it. So why would you expect your employees to? Instead, through corporate award giving and other forms of encouragement, you can make sure that you’re fostering an environment where workers feel like their extra effort will be recognized.

Improves Loyalty

When you’re giving out corporate awards, you’re showing that you recognize what an individual brings to the table at your company. Employee incentives like this will also make your workers feel more tied to the company. They believe in your vision, because you’ve shown that you believe in them. A manager or business that doesn’t appreciate their employees in tangible ways won’t inspire much loyalty.

Boosts Teamwork

You may think that corporate awards and trophies are more suited to highlighting individuals, and you would be right. However, these awards can also help build teamwork. If you bring other employees in on the awards process, they’ll be able to point out what their coworkers do best. This makes your workers feel like a more cohesive unit. Now an individual employee knows that their efforts aren’t just appreciated by a manager or business owner. Their peers appreciate them as well. What could be better for team morale than that?

Bring the Team Together With More Activities

You don’t just have to give out corporate awards to your team. We make sports trophies too! Why not start up some sort of intramural soccer league or some other athletic activity your workers will enjoy. This is another great way to boost morale, especially for the team that takes home trophies and bragging rights when the season’s all done. For these reasons and more, our awards are the perfect way to improve morale and increase loyalty.