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New Awards Highlight Distinct Aspects Of Your Team

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that you want to find a great way to reward your employees or team for a job well done. That being said, you don’t just need to stick to the typical award categories. Your team is unique, so why not come up with some custom awards that really show what they can do? They’ll appreciate the recognition for more specific sets of skills, and you’ll have a team that’s more motivated to keep on improving. Here are some ways that you could set your awards process apart and recognize employees or team members for a variety of contributions, not just for being the MVP or Most Improved.

Reward Ideas

Don’t just reward the person who gets the most work done or hits a certain goal that you’ve set out. Also reward ideas. This can help give some other team members some time in the spotlight, even if they aren’t the lead on the project or the star player. Suggestions of how to improve as a team can come from anybody, so reward those who have some great ideas to share. Even if someone isn’t the sales leader, they could have an idea to make your team even better and more effective.

Develop Non-Traditional Award Categories

When you’re trying to think up new awards that highlight your team’s unique skills, think outside of the box. Don’t just think in terms of goals hit, sales made, or points scored. If you think about it, we’re sure that you can think of something that a team member does to keep things running smoothly, even if that skill of theirs runs under the radar.

Just as a few examples, rewards can be given to the worker who keeps their station the cleanest. If there’s someone on your team who’s always fixing stuff, that person deserves recognition. You can also reward the people who display excellent teamwork with custom trophies. People who jump in to cover for sick coworkers or members of the team who put the team’s success above their own should be recognized. Of course you can also highlight employees who are always on time, team members who come to every practice, or workers that have managed to work together to find a solution for a particularly tough problem. There are many things that your team does that are award-worthy. You just need to pay attention and notice them.

Get Employee Input

When you’re deciding on new kinds of custom awards, you could always solicit input from your team members or employees. One of them may have noticed behavior that can really help the team meet its goals. They can recognize what employees bring these skills to the table, even if you haven’t just yet.

Input can be especially helpful in an office setting, because your workers can tell you what kind of perks they’re looking for in the awards process. Some want cash bonuses, while others want a more flexible schedule. Some might even want corporate perks. Learning what motivates your team and what qualities your workers find important in their coworkers can tell you a lot and make the awards process more personal and useful.