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Outside Of The Box Ways To Vote For Awards

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that awards can be a great way to motivate people. Whether you’re working in an office or coaching a sports team, recognizing achievements can encourage people to try even harder and continue delivering performances that meet your high standards. You don’t just want to go with the typical awards though, because that could get boring quickly.

Instead, we recommend that you think up some out of the box ways to vote for awards. You can involve more people and make the awards process more special, because everyone knows that their coworkers and teammates have played a bigger role in the process. Follow the advice of your local custom trophies provider and make your awards ceremony even more meaningful.

Expand the Voting Process

In some cases, coaches decide what players get sports trophies and managers decide which employees get an award. It’s always great to receive some recognition from the people above us, but you can’t discount how valuable the approval of peers can be. Letting more people vote on who receives an award can foster teamwork and let everyone know that their teammates or coworkers respect what they contribute to the group.

If you’re dealing with a sports team, you can also let parents get in on the voting process. See if they recognize something else in some of the players, aside from the typical achievements like most points scored. They can highlight kids with great teamwork and team spirit, or they might notice something about what a player contributes that a coach may miss in the heat of a game.

Donate to Charity

If you’re bringing everyone into the voting process for awards at your office, there’s one way to make sure that each vote really counts for something. Have anyone who’s up for an award choose their favorite charity, and then donate a certain amount for every vote they receive from their coworkers. Even if someone doesn’t end up winning an award, their favorite charity will end up raising some money. You can make sure that the awards process has something for everyone and that it ends up helping a great cause.

Vote for Rival Players

In a sports league it’s easy to recognize players on your own team for their achievements, but recognizing rival players for their feats can be a little more difficult. In the spirit of sportsmanship, you could have your team vote for awards for rival team members and vice versa. Recognizing the talent of the people they play against can help motivate your team for next season and encourage friendly competition with players on other teams. Once a player sees the other sports trophies that their rival players are receiving, they might just decide that they want one of their own.

Experiment with Less Conventional Office Awards

Instead of just focusing on leadership qualities or work-related accomplishments, it can be fun to let the whole office vote on some less conventional awards that still recognize employees for their unique contributions. Whether it’s an award for bringing in great home-cooked food to share or someone who always brightens up the office with a joke, let your employees reward their coworkers who make coming to work more enjoyable every day.