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Custom Awards

Top 5 Question to Ask When Purchasing Custom Awards

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that purchasing the right awards for your team can be a big deal. You want to plan carefully and make sure that you’re getting something that shows your appreciation and recognizes achievement. That’s why you should ask yourself a few questions when you decide to purchase some custom awards. Taking some time to really think about this can make a big difference.

What Types of Custom Awards Are Available?

Of course, you first need to figure out what kinds of awards are available. There are multiple types of trophies, plaques, and other awards to choose from. On our website you’ll find a variety of custom awards. You’ll see glass awards, crystal awards, and acrylic ones. It’s easy to find one in a style that’s appropriate for your particular application. Whether you’re in an office or coaching a soccer team, you want to explore all types of available awards and find the perfect ones.

Who is This Award For?

On that same note, you want to carefully consider who the award is for. You don’t want to give the same kind of trophy to a young athlete that you would give to someone who’s celebrating their retirement from their office job. Awards made from different materials can be appropriate for different occasions. You might even want to opt for a plaque for some team members. Think about what works for this situation and a particular employee.

Can I Engrave Different Names on Each Trophy?

In some cases, it’s not just one person who’s getting an award. In the case of a sports team, you may need multiple custom awards. This can also apply to an office setting, where you want to recognize a team that’s gone above and beyond. You may want to see if you can customize each award with the name of individual team members. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and the personal touch.

Does the Personal Touch Cost Extra?

You may also want to find out if that personal touch costs extra. In some cases, a custom award is meant to be engraved with specific names and information. The price of some awards could have custom options factored in already. Other types of awards could result in an extra charge. Depending on how many custom awards you need, a certain material or type of award could work out better for you financially. Fortunately, we have many choices for trophy shoppers of all budgets.

When Will I Get My Awards?

You also want to make sure that you get your awards on time. You’ll want to ask yourself “When will these be shipped to me?” If you plan a big dinner or event where you could give out custom awards, it would be a bit embarrassing to not have the actual awards on you! It’s wise to order well in advance and make sure that you’re working with a dependable partner, like Woltman Trophies. If you don’t believe us, just check out some of the customer reviews on our website that praise our on-time deliveries. We’re ready to help you find any custom awards that you need.