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Why Employee Morale is So Important

Here at Woltman Trophies, we know that giving out trophies and corporate awards can be a great way to recognize players or workers for the work that they’ve done. In particular, workers who are rewarded for meeting their goals and making a difference at their company are going to be more likely to continue working hard. Awards can raise morale, which is important for a few key reasons. Here’s why you want your employees to be happy employees.

Workers Less Likely to Quit

This is the big one. If you’re working at a company that doesn’t seem to appreciate you, how long would you stick around? A worker that’s satisfied with their job and believes that their hard work is appreciated is less likely to quit, leaving you with a crucial role that needs to be filled. Giving away corporate awards or otherwise showing your appreciation can make a big difference. An employee quitting means that you need to spend time and money finding a replacement. It’s far easier to keep the morale of current employees high.

Positive Word of Mouth

As you’re trying to find a replacement for an employee that quit, you might run into trouble if the reviews of your company aren’t so good. In the Internet age, people can easily take to social media or specialized review websites to let people know what they think of working for your company. If word of mouth is negative, you can’t be surprised that it’s harder to find top talent. Keeping morale high doesn’t just help you keep current employees. It helps you attract the future talent that you need.

Better Attendance

Obviously, employees who like their job and feel appreciated are more likely to show up. A sick day can hurt productivity, but “sick” days where employees call out because they need a break or just can’t bring themselves to the office that day are a real problem. You want your employees to want to come to work. That means keeping morale high. It doesn’t take much to make workers feel appreciated and it pays dividends.

Improved Productivity

As we mentioned, employees that don’t feel appreciated may call out more often. That hurts productivity, so a workplace with better morale is naturally going to be a bit more productive. People are more likely to work hard when they feel appreciated, which means that they’re putting their all into every project. If you know that good results for the company mean recognition, whether with a corporate award, a pay bump, or more job perks, you’re going to work harder.

Think about it. If your company doesn’t appreciate you, are you going to give one hundred percent? Are you going to stay late or come in early? Probably not, but an employee with high morale is. If you know that the company’s success is your success, you’re going to want to get things done.

Your Bridgeton, MO Custom Trophy MakersSo when you’re trying to keep morale high, turn to your local custom trophy and corporate award manufacturer. Woltman Trophies will make it easy to recognize every one of your employees for their hard work. We look forward to assisting you!