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Guide to Colors for First, Second, and Third Place

When you’re looking for trophies and awards that celebrate a job well done, there are some traditional rules to follow. Typically, awards for different places tend to come in different colors. Here at Woltman Trophies, we’ll help you find the custom trophies you need, but we do more than that. We’ll also help you if you want to find some great alternatives to the typical trophy options.

Whether it’s sports trophies or corporate awards, our expertise allows us to deliver the best possible product every time. So if you want awards that really stand out, we’re ready to assist you. Go with these traditional colors or opt for one of our unique alternatives. Either way, your team will appreciate them.

First Place

For first place, gold is the standard. A gold medal shows that someone has far exceeded expectations and topped everyone else in their fields. This bright, lustrous color stands out without being too ostentatious. When someone earns a gold trophy or medal, they know they’ve done something right.

Another common color for first place is blue. This commonly applies to ribbons, like the ones that may be given out at competitions found at a state fair, for example.


A crystal award can be a great alternative to the typical first place medal or ribbon. A crystal award is elegant, customizable, and shows that the recipient has done a job well or accomplished a lot. If you’re looking for elegant custom trophies that really stand out, a simple and stylish crystal trophy built by one of our experts could be it.

Second Place

The typical color for second place trophies or medals is silver. We can offer you custom trophies that show a worker or team member that they did a great job, even if they didn’t manage to come in first. A silver trophy can be a great honor and a great motivator.


If you’re looking for something different than the typical second place award, why not take a look at our glass trophies? These custom trophies can be be manufactured in different shades and shapes, so it’s easy to build an award that anyone will appreciate.

Third Place

A third place medal or trophy is usually bronze. It’s still a precious metal, but it doesn’t quite stand out like silver and gold do. For ribbons, most competitions would opt for one that’s white. In any case, a third place award shows that someone has done a solid job and could certainly see some impressive improvement in the future.


Of course, glass trophies and crystal awards can make for great alternatives here as well. We have another option though. We can build a custom plaque that shows your appreciation for your player or employee. The wood and engraving plate used come close to matching the usual bronze theme, and it can be hung up on a wall to serve as a great motivator to do even better in the future. Whether you’re looking for sports trophies or corporate awards, our experts are ready to deliver an award that stands out.