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Presenting Your Sports Trophies in a Creative Way

At Woltman Trophies, we know that few things can be more motivating than a customized award. That’s why we offer so many high-quality custom trophies to our customers. One area where we excel is in the design of sports trophies. Whether you’re coaching a soccer team or a basketball team, there are some things to keep in mind when presenting trophies.

You don’t just want to give players their trophies without any kind of fanfare. You want to take some steps to make sure that they really feel recognized. Instead of just being some award that sits on a shelf, a trophy that’s presented with care and creativity will be cherished for a long time. Here’s how you can get a bit more creative with the award process.

Make it an Event

Instead of just handing out the trophies, make an event out of the awards process. Make a whole ceremony where you give out custom trophies to each of your players. You can do it right on the court at a small event with players and their friends and family. You can also go for a more upscale event that your athletes will remember for a long time to come. Rent out an area of a nice restaurant, get dressed up, and make sure that this event is a high point for more reasons than just the trophy.

Write a Note

Whether you decide to go with a more involved event or not, just handing someone a trophy isn’t special enough for your team. Think about how each player uniquely contributes to your team and write a note that shows them that you’ve noticed their efforts. Getting a trophy is great, but receiving personalized recognition from a coach can be an even better motivator. When your players know that you care, they’ll try even harder next season.

Tell a Story About Each Player

Like the note, this can add a personal touch at your trophy ceremony. Pointing out what an individual player did to help out the team or telling a funny anecdote makes the whole ceremony seem more personal and more significant. Highlight each player’s talents and then give them the sports trophies that they deserve.

You may not want to be off the cuff here., depending on your skill as a public speaker. Prepare ahead of time and make sure that you’ve really summed up what a player contributes. Every player will appreciate the obvious extra effort that you’ve taken. This is also a great way to come up with more uncommon awards that really represent what your players can do. Don’t just opt for the typical awards like Most Improved or Most Assists. See if you can come up with some unique rewards for some players who have done some innovative things on or off the field.

Revisit the Past Season

At your ceremony, highlight some of the big moments of the past season. Show off some of your most valuable players’ big plays. If your team has taken some funny videos during practice or trips to away games, show those off and add some levity to your awards ceremony. Looking back on the season can help you remind everyone of what went right and how they can improve in a future season.